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Polishing Part II/Shadows

The burnishing action of a jewelers brass brush used with water
and detergent may be the easiest way to polish this harde to get
to area. You can also "work " off of the edge of a firm buff.
There is a type of buff called knife edge. As you might guess,
this has a very narrow edge that seems easier to work with some
areas. If nothing else, it’s easier to see exactly where the buff
is on the metal. Keep trying, you’ll get it.


i have a problem with wire brushes...the wire will scratch the
metal and cause you more headaches than the original problem.
used it on firescale the other day and i had to rebuff it to get
all the scratches out and it didn't get the scale off.

Hi David,

I think that you must have used the wrong sort of brass brush.
The one that I am talking about is very soft and is not designed
to remove fire scale. It is a hand brush, not a buff. It has a
burnishing action that only polishes. It does not remove metal
and therefore is not suitable for scratche or fire scale removal.
The wires are very fine and not stiff. They are carried in the
Rio catalog.