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Polishing Engraved Pieces


Howdy All, I have a client that has asked me to make changes to
engraved pieces her husband did years ago (wonderful work) and of
course would like the finished pieces to have the same ‘polished’ look
after the solder work. The pieces are sterling and the changes will
require soldering (adding stones to non engraved areas, turning
another into a pin, etc.). I’ve never done engraving but believe that
the shine is a part of the engraving process and that they haven’t
been buffed. If this is correct, how should I go about 'polishing’
them after soldering? Will a brass brush give a similar look? I
don’t think I should buff and risk damaging the fine detail on the



I use many different means to finish my engraving such as by hand,
vibratory tumblers, to machine buffing. A delicate touch is needed or
you can lose detail fast. The real danger to the engraving is
discoloration(firescale). Removing firescale from engraving can be
tricky and all measures should be taken to avoid it. Bristle brushes
with compounds work great for getting into the detail, depending on
the finish brass brushes may leave you with a brushed look, but
no real shine.

Brooks Burt
Hand engraver specializing in Bright Cut Style