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Polishing Cabinet Advice


I can’t give you any good advice on what to buy, but would give you
some food for thought on what not to buy. Years ago, I purchased a
polishing or buffing machine/cabinet from Rio Grande. It is good
quality; however, I didn’t pay close attention (I purchased it from
Rio in Albuquerque while on a trip out there) to the interior design
of the cabinet. After using the machine for a period of time, I
decided it probably needed the filter cleaned. I took the top off to
remove the filter and discovered that the filter was in the very back
of the cabinet,ie., the debris laden air comes across the twin motors
and blades,wires,etc, coating everything with lint, compound and what
have you before it gets to the filter. This means you have to not
only vacuum and wash the filter, but have to try and get a small
narrow nozzle of some type onto your shop vac to vacuum off the
motors,blades,wires,etc too. I realize that you may have to vacuum
all of this on all cabinets, but you would have to less often if the
filter were first in line to filter the debris laden air before it
gets to all of the parts. I did modify mine to filter before the
motors,etc., but if I had it to do again, I would build my own. You
can do it better and cheaper. I might mention this is in no way meant
to be unkind towards Rio Grande, it was a design thing. They are
still one of my favorite suppliers along with Indian
Jewelers Supply. Best wishes, John Barton