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Polishing Buffs

Hi I have seen all sorts of posts but nowhere have I seen anyone
mention the preparation and the dressing of the cotton muslin buffs.
I take a new buff. Using a #15 blade in a Bard - Parker scalpel, I
carefully cut the first row of stitching and remove it. I then
place the buff on the spindle and while it is turning at the 1725
rpm speed I take a larger size ballpien hammer and using the sharp
edge of the head I let the buff run against this. There will be a
mess of fibers so use your vacuum dust collector. Remove the buff
from the spindle and pull off all of the loose pieces that you can.
Replace the buff on the spindle and repeat as many times as is
necessary. When all of the loose pieces are removed there will
still be a raggedy edge. Take the buff an carefully wave it over a
lit Bunsen burner making sure to extinguish all of the burning
fibers or the bloody thing will smolder for a LONG time :-). When
this is done, replace the buff on the spindle and running on high
speed, 3450 rpm, use the hammer one more time. The buff will be
very soft and fluffy. An undressed buff will polish off fine
detail much easier than a dressed one and chamois buffs will remove
even more detail. Sorry if this has been addressed before.