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Polishing brass

I am restoring an old brass shell, about 8" dia X 3" deep. The
lacquer coating had broken thru in several places and was tarnish
badly in those areas. I stripped all the lacquer coating off,
removed all the green oxidation (It was extensive) and wet sanded it
down to 1200 grit.

Now, how to polish? Red rouge, Luminance or ???.

Once that’s done, I’m planning to have it re-shot with an acrylic
automotive clear-coat. I’m thinking the clear coat over lacquer as it
might hold up better to water, as it’s used at a church as a
baptismal vessel.

Any other ideas on how to polish and seal?

Angelo Giaimo


My normal process would be to polish with Tripoli with a cloth
polishing wheel and then polish with Zam with a cloth polishing
wheel. Be sure to wash well between the two different polishes.

Ken Moore