Polishing Branch Coral

What is the best way to polish branch coral. I am not
famiiliar with lapidary equipment and do not have any. I do have
a rotary tool and accessories such as files, polishers, etc.

Thanks for any

Mary Thelzeda Moore

Note From Ganoksin Staff:
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Hi Mary, ZAM on a muslin buff will polish the coral. It leaves
the veins filled w/compound on light polishing, heavier
polishing will remove surface texture. This is very quick. A
flap sanding mandrel used with 400 followed by 600 grit wet or
dry paper will remove the surface texture, then polish. Marcus

Mary, Coral is a soft material that will polish well with a
light sanding. Use an old piece of 600 grit and water, then you
can polish it with the flex shaft and a soft felt buff using
some Zam compound. Hope this helps. Janine in unusually cool
Redding, Ca.