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Polishing and dust collection systems

Does anyone have an opinion on the Dura-Bull polishing unit from Rio
vs the Quatro system? I’m looking for something for a small studio.

Thanks in advance for your input

Arbie makes a great and yet affordable system. I use it and you can
run 2 stations from it. You should check it out.

Steve Cowan Arista Designs LLC

I am very happy with the Quatro system. I have clearview hoods and
an under-counter 4 port Quatro Velocity dust collector. The ports
connect to a lap, two hoods and a GRS bench pin w/port and
plexiglass shield. The system has dramatically reduced the amount of
polishing dust in my shop. I think the primary reason for that is
the closed Clearview hoods, but the double filter system seems to
work well too as there is no visible dust on the filter on the clean
side. Plus it’s easier to clean than my old bag style dust
collector. Sorry but I don’t know anything about Dura-Bull.

I would say, that although I am a fan of Rio, they were inflexible on
the price of large purchases while Gesswein and Otto Frei would both
give a bit of a discount. It may be worth shopping around.

Hope that helps,

Good Evening. we have been selling the Quarto units for 12 years.
They are excellent units. the collection is anywhere between 95 % to
99%… You will breathe clean air… and have a clean shop

Andy The Tool Guy