Polishing and Buffing book

This book has a very good chapter on Surface, Enrichment and
finishing. It Is called: Form Emphasis for Metalsmiths By: Heikki
Seppa c1978 Kent State University Press ISBN 0-87338-212-9 pages 146

It is divided into ten chapters. Covering techniques and processes.
Some might say it gives more info than one needs to know. But in
metalsmithing I have found that not true. They cover in depth the
the three types of surface treatment, the conditions affecting
surface abrasion. The steps leading up to polishing, The vehicle,
the carrier, the mix and use of the polish/abrasives. The wheels and
surface speeds both of fixed wheels and flex shafts. The pressure
applied, the direction of the sweep. Also the temps involved and how
it affects the surface finish. Also covers Trumming, and a synopsis
of surface effects.

I had purchased the book used, It was never used much. For different
reasons in the brief descriptions. I was very surprised by not only
the contents, ideas, and how much that was covered and
passed on in such a slim book. Don’t know if it is in the book list
here, but it should be. It is on Amazon.com and
http://www.powells.com Dealers in used new books.

glen, been there done that, but only where its legal