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PMC Mokume Gane

Do you think that PMC Paper could be layered with gold foil to
create mokume gane?


    Do you think that PMC Paper could be layered with gold foil to
create mokume gane? 

No, I do not belive it would not be a workable bond. If you tried to
roll it it would come apart. You need fairly significant pressure to
make a good mokume bond and I do not belive the pmc would stand up
to it in its unfired state. But if you have some to waste try it and
tell us how it worked out.

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Serendipity strikes again — This afternoon I noticed a new
magazine called “Art Jewelry” at Borders. It includes a very complete
project description of a PMC project with Kum bo ( not mokume) .
This may be an effect you were trying to get. I would have thought
that the foil might just diffuse completely into the PMC when fired
but it apparently works ok with all types of PMC. jesse

It is an interesting idea to try to make a “quickie mokume” out of
PMC paper and gold foil. From my point of view, though it is fine to
ask for input, the best answer to a question like this (and many
others on this forum) comes from just trying it! A piece of PMC
paper and a piece of gold foil are not too high a price to pay for
knowledge. Plus, some great ideas/techniques/innovations come from
people trying to do one thing, and getting something else as a
result! Please don’t be afraid to waste some materials on an
experiment. There’s no more exciting way to learn. And plenty of
things work that people will tell you will not. No guts, no glory!


CeCe Wire wrote a book of PMC projects, so I asked her about using
PMC for mokume gane. Her reply:

  1. Carl Stanley, a senior instructor for the Rio Rewards program has
    developed a faux mokume gane technique. I understand he is layering
    PMC slip on sterling and firing in place. For more he
    can be reached at:

  2. Kuem Boo works beautifully with foil or leaf. With gold leaf you
    will need to build up several layers on top of one another. There is
    great directions for this technique in the Sudio PMC magazine,
    Summer 2003 Vol. 6, No. 2, titled A Keum-Boo Project by Celie Fago.
    You can access this issue from our website at Directions for accessing past issues:1. Go
    to Click on the works MAGAZINE.

  3. On the left hand tool bar, click on the works Back Issues.

  4. The past issues and articles are listed there. The article you are
    looking for is on this page under Summer 2003 Vol. 6, No. 2:you can
    click on A Keum-Boo Project by Celie Fago.


Hi All , I just wanted to add a note. You may want to try signing on
to the PMC Guild site. Lots of answers and experts in the field since
it’s creation. You may get some ideas from the archives or the online
discussion. Helen