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PMC materials bought in bulk?

Hello all: I am designing a beginner PMC class for high school
students. I need to find multiple tools for this class (scapels,
rolling pins, blender tools, etc.) Does anyone know where I can buy
these materials in bulk as a discount? Websites, addresses, phone
numbers, names? I am also looking to buy some scrap metal (silver,
brass, copper) if any one has any left overs. Thanks!


It is always better to sign with your name when you post atleat a
psuedoname. You have chosen the right medium to look for your
supplies. A list of your requirement posted on the Orchid is a good
way to start. Check from Classroom requirements perhaphs from other
postings and this could be done easily.

I have seen that they require articles such as .

Working mat ( plasting cutting board),
Plastic or acrylic tube as a roller,
A brush,
A blade holder with blades (knife)
A probe or a scaper (dental type)
A pin vise use for drilling.
A ruller or a gauge,
A divider or a compass, etc.
A leather mallet,
A steel mandrel,
A wooden stick
A polishing cloth,
A blottle of black antiquing solution
Acouple of pliers chain & round nose
A wooden dapping punch etc    

I could go on & on.

You could even take a suppliers catalog and then shop around. Get
suitable quotes from a few vendor. Let me know if I could be of any

Kenneth Singh