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PMC and the environment?

An artist statement, The Statement:

“Using reconstituted silver that is ecologically friendly, I
create one-of-a-kind pure silver jewelry that evokes the
feeling of undulating textiles. Some are embellished with
pearls, sapphires and semi-precious gems.”

The Object Described:

Precious metal clay (99.9% pure silver), garnets, fresh water

What pre tell is reconstituted silver and what connection does it
have to PMC and the environment?

RR confused
Robert Ruff

I think this artist meant ‘reclaimed’ or ‘recycled’ or 'recovered’
since silver in metal clay was originally recovered from photographic
film and still is as far as I know. As to ‘ecologically friendly’,
this presumably refers to the silver being recovered rather than
dumped in landfill etc.


Some people like to emphasize that metal clay is made from
"reclaimed" or recycled silver. I have heard people who work with Art
Clay talk about it being made from silver taken from film.


Elaine Luther
Metalsmith, Certified PMC Instructor
Hard to Find Tools for Metal Clay


My understanding is that PMC is made of silver recovered from
photographic processing chemicals,which is then recycled by mixing
with a water based binder in order to reconstitute it as a workable
material…therefore the “reconstituted silver” bit of the
statement is something of a conflation of the above…but I may be
wrong :slight_smile:

Steve Holden

Yep, Art Clay’s silver is extracted from used photo film, CT scans,
X-rays, etc. Aida Chemical Industries was a refining/recycling
company to begin with, so Art Clay seemed a logical progression.