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Plight of an artisan in need


The following is the plight of an artisan in need. Robin Whitmore is
a single mother, and is fighting to stay alive. Anyone interested in
assisting, please read the forward below. It comes to me from a good
friend of a very long time.


while tragic indeed, CERF may be an agency that can help if she is
in fact an artisan. I find it interesting that she, being a single
mother is not covered by her state medicaid plan…most people with
lifelong disabilities expected to result in death and that excludes
them ffrom recieving any other income are entitled to federal
medicaid and medicare as well as coverage for catastrophic care.
Equally, i did not see any mention of anything other than the woman
being a full time mom on the site…so CERF may not be able to
help…additionally, there are drug companies that assist individuals
in paying for medications that are beyond the scope of coverages, but
it sounds like her doctor is behind her in getting assistance… so
i’m confused as towhy Orchid is getting such a site posted to this
forum?from the site i did not read anywhere that the person is
invlved in metalsmithing, jewelry business, or anything like that…