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Pliers advice

I need to replace my most often-used pliers, 5-inch Wolf Tools
Looping Pliers. I see in the Rio catalog that these pliers should be
used “on wire 20-ga. or finer,” and I have used them for some years
almost entirely on 18-ga. to 12 ga. wire. So, they have lasted well
– the box joint is only slightly loosened. I would like to get a
pair of the same kind/size of pliers, but which are intended for use
with the heavier wire (I don’t want larger/thicker pliers). Can
anyone recommend a particular brand (with a price limit of about

Thanks in advance,
Judy Bjorkman

Personally I love Swanstrom, or Lindstrom pliers

Sharon Perdasofpy

Peer, from West Germany
Simply the best.

Margie Mersky