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Platinum Vs. White Gold

Douglas d Frey-Where do you purchase your palladium alloy for white
gold, and what are the property changes you mention? Does it still
roll and draw? Is there any problems with sizing the finished
article? If you solder white gold heads to the cast piece is there a
noticable color difference? Thanks in advance for any you
can share. Marggi

Hoover and Strong in Richmond sells Palladium white gold sheet, wire,
casting grain and findings of all types.–Vicki Embrey

One source for palladium alloyed white gold that I use is David H.
Fell in California. The URL is

The reason that I use this alloy is for its softer properties. I use
no heat processes to make my ring creations from aerospace titanium
inlaid with silver, gold, and platinum. The palladium alloy of white
gold is MUCH easier to mate with the titanium due to its more ductile
nature. My rings can be seen at the URL in my signature,

Daniel J. Statman, Statman Designs

All, As an addendum to Dan Statman’s recommending the David Fell
Company as a source of metals, I would like to also recommend them as
a refiner. Their special feature is their ability to settle in three
working days. It is a great way to raise cash in a hurry for those
inevitable cash flow problems. Ron at MillsGem, Los Osos, CA.