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Platinum tubing?

We are a seamless blank manufacturer serving the jewelry industry
since 1945. We make our own gold tubing, melt it, punch it, draw it,
etc so that we can reuse our scrap, thus lowering our costs. Over
the past few years we have been making our own platinum from tubes
purchased pre-made from other companies. Now, like in gold we would
like to manufacture our own platinum tubes. I know that it is a
different process, we have tried already but have certainly not
perfected it. If anyone has any idea how to make this a easier, and
more efficient process, please contact me at Thank you, Scott

I’ve seen some things recently on the bonnydoon discussion board
about using the deep draw facility to make seamless tubing. Maybe
Phil Poirer or Lee Marshall could provide advice on using that
technique with platinum.

Judy Hoch