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[Platinum] Tiny surface scratches


"I’m hoping that you can help me. I have had a Platinum and Diamond
wedding set made. It is low profile so more of its surface contacts
w/ “daily life”. I would like to polish it at home to remove some of
the tiny surface scratches…

I have a Dremmel and a very careful hand (I usually fix my own
jewelry, etc.) What type up “heads” should I use for the Dremmel and
what type of compound? I’m reading that a compound from Japan is
better that the ones typically used for gold/silver. Or can I use a
Dremmel at all? "

Posted by Canon S,

Platinum is a very durable metal and very resistant to wear per se,
but contrary to what one might think, it is fairly soft and for that
reason it does scratch fairly easily. There is bound to be some
degree of disappointment for lots of people who buy a nice shiny ring
at the jewelers only to discover that it will scratch and become dull
in a relatively short time. This is the reality, and people will have
to learn it and accept it.

In addition, platinum is not a particularly white metal. Silver is
the whitest and takes the best shine. Platinum is more gray, like
steel. Platinum is very difficult to polish as well, even though it
loses the polish quickly. Your idea of maintaining the polish yourself
is a good one, and can be done with little cost in dollars but at some
expense in time. What I recommend is hand polishing with polishing

Get the sample set of 3M Wetordry Polishing papers from Rio Grande
(800.545.6566). Wrap the papers around a stick like a popsicle stick
and rub away. Start with the coarsest and go to the finest and you
will have just about as good a finish as you can get with a rotary
tool. In fact, better because there is nothing like a hand-rubbed
finish. No tools, no electricity, no noise.

I would avoid the Dremmel like the plague. My opinion of the Dremmel
is that it is a dangerous toy that masquerades as a tool. Even with a
careful hand, as you say you possess, you are asking for trouble.

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