Platinum solder

Hi All,

I was just surfing the web (aka - wasting time) and I came upon a
site that claims they’ve invented the worlds first platinum solder
(95% platinum). Here’s the website if anyone is interested:

The is about halfway down the main page, under “New
Products Update”.

I don’t work with platinum myself, but I thought I’d just throw this
info out there in case anyone is interested.

Happy Halloween!
Lindsey Hawkins
Bali Hai Beads & Jewelry

Lindsey- Thanks for this useful I talked with Daniel at
Precious Metals West- their solder comes in 3 hardnesses- 95 %
platinum is the hardest. Most platinum solders contain less that 20%
platinum. I ordered some and will post my experience with it once I’ve
had a chance to try it out.

Rick Hamilton