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Platinum/Rhodium thermocouples


I have a friend that has about 8 ounces or so of Platinum and
Platinum/Rhodium thermocouples. He would like to find out how to
sell it. Would a refiner be the answer? According to him there are 2
wires - one is supposedly pure platinum and the other 97% Rhodium and
3% Platinum.



Today Platinum is $1288/oz and Rhodium is $5160/oz - no, I didn’t
forget a decimal point. I would suggest Johnson Matthey or Hoover and
Strong - big, reputable refiners, and talk to someone in person…



There is a company called Skycraft in Orlando FL that deals with
surplus electronic instrumentation. They stock a number of different
thermocouple wires and might be interested in buying the whole lot
for their stock. Here is their link:

Skycraft Parts & Surplus
2245 West Fairbanks Ave.
Winter Park, FL 32789
Tel. (407) 628-5634
Fax (407) 647-4831
For Questions about our inventory:
Email: Skycraft Information

If you have surplus you want to sell Email:Skycraft Purchasing

Hope this helps,


Gleen, call Pat at Houston Precious Metals in Houston, tx.
713-269-3371 he will help you either by buying them or at least tell
you if they truly are worth anything. Very honest people, I have done
business with them for decades and even worked for them for 3 years.
They pay the highest scrap percentages without exorbitant assay fees.

Frank Goss


If I might throw in one company gibe… at 800-228-4653 and ask for
Ron steel. Nice man.

Andy " The Tool Guy" Kroungold
Tool Sales / Technical
Stuller Inc
Phone 800-877-7777 ext. 94194
Fax 337-262-7791