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Platinum plating jewelry

Does anyone have any experience with Platinum Plating? We are located
in Honolulu Hawaii and many customers from Japan are asking for
platinum plating. We currently use a small system for Rhodium
plating. I am told that the process and equipment are the same? Also
is anyone aware of a plating process for rhodium that does not
require a rectifier ?

Thank you

I don’t know about not using a rectifier. However I’ve just been tasked with looking into Platinum baths as an alternative to Rhodium. So far I’ve found 3 premixed solutions available in the US. The numbers for voltage, time, etc. are very similar. Since it’s a Platinum Group Metal, I’m figuring it will be also similar to Palladium. The nice thing is we won’t need that preliminary strike coat of Palladium on silver. I’m curious to see if anyone out there has switched from Rhodium to Platinum.