Platinum investment remover

Could someone list the supplier of that Platinum investment
remover for me? It was some sort of synthetic hydrofloric acid
supplied with it’s own nutralizer.

Off to NY this week to the JA show. Everyone wish me luck.

All the best & thanks,
TR the Teacher & Student

Hi Todd, Bob Martin here from Hoff Jewelers. Romminoff makes it.
But it doesn’t work as well as hydrofluoric acid, at least we
didn’t have much luck.

Silica Z platinum investment remover is available from Eisinger
at (800) 282-1980. EZ Clean Crystals, another platinum investment
remover can be ordered through Gesswein and any questions should
be referred to Marvin Scmidt at (800) 862-9362. Both of these
products DO NOT contain hydrofluoric acid, thank goodness! I have
been conducting tests with the EZ clean crystals to remove
vitreous enamel from metal pieces, and so far the results have
been good. The solution loses glass removal power after repeated
use, so I’m testing for the “life” of the solution as well. . I
just received the Silica Z product and will try that out too. I
will post my findings on Orchid after I’ve tested out things well
enough. Thanks to Elaine Corwin, Marvin Scmidt and Sandy Quevedo
for turning me on to their products. I hope never to use
hydroflouric acid again!


Dear Todd: We carry a formulation that we found in Japan called
"Silica Z". It is a alkaline based solution that, when heated to
just below boiling, works great in about 20 minutes. It sells in
one and five gallon solutions, $45.00, and 33.00 each. Call toll
free to Eisinger Enterprises (800) 282-1980. (We have a great
paper for lining the flasks and speeding the drying time also.
Regards, RG

I wonder if this stuff is any good to remove ceramic shell
investment traces from bronze primarily. the investment is
colodial silica with zircon against the piece . The investment
system is good for pretty high temperatures. It is real pain to
remove from any small texture. I get almost all of it mechanicaly
but tiny white spots keep showing up long after I think I’m done.
My ultra sound doesn’t phase the stuff evenven though the stuff
is just mechanicly caught in the cracks. I really should learn to
like smooth finishes I guess although they are boring. Jesse