Platinum History Ancient head statue?

Hi everyone, I am wondering if anyone has any photos and information
on ancient platinum work… I am doing a presentation project for my
school on the History of platinum for my History of Adornment class,
I have had great success in finding but very few photos.
One thing that came to my attention and is a priority is that there
is supposedly a Incas head statue done in platinum, also nose rings
and such… I have had no luck finding photos on this, any help would
be greatly appreciated.

Platinum could not be worked directly until the oxygen-acetylene
torch was invented. Platinum was used in some Pre-Columbian work by
sintering it. Basically this means that small particles of platinum
were mixed with molten gold and or silver. The resulting metal was an
aggregate rather than an alloy. I believe you can find some additonal
in the book “Sweat of the Sun, Tears of the Moon.”

Steven Brixner

I saw a historical reference to platinum vessels as a gift during
the Georgian period.

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