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Platinum Fabrication - Spinel Engagement Ring

Just showing off a little something my friend Jim Grahl and I are working on. A spinel engagement ring for a close family friend. I provided the spinel - orangy-red Burma stone that was in my safe for a long time. 100% fabricated in 90/10. Now he has to set all those 1mm diamonds!


Great work!

I like how does the “traforo”

PS: sorry English is not my native language so I don’t the term in English
for “traforo”

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Half way through diamond setting

Ready for final polish!

Nice job indeed. I love the traditional look.

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Gone to the customer! Here are the shots after final polish, with the matching wedding band we did. All single cuts, 1mm.

Nice setting work and detail. I specially like the knife edge shank detail. Great photo’s too.

Where did the design come from? Was it a reproduction from a past design??


Hi @Scott_Doolin - it was an original design by @JimGrahlDesign. Inspired by the client’s pictures of Art Deco pieces. Thanks for the compliments!

Whoooeeee! That’s right purdy:-)
Kids THIS is how you do it "Old School"
Lovely bead setting. Great fabrication techniques and a perfect bezel on
the center.
Have fun and make lots of jewelry.

beautiful piece and, although I don’t know how much you charged for it, I doubt if it was worth it

Thank you! I didn’t fabricate the piece, but the orangy-red Burmese spinel was mine - a gift to the family from my wife and I. This ring was done for the son of a longtime family friend, who I’ve known since he was just a wee little one.

As for cost, you would have to ask @JimGrahlDesign about that, as he was the guy who made it.

I’m a jewelry geek, so as @jo_haemer alluded to… I like my jewelry fabricated “old school” style :wink: The objective here was that after she wears it for 3 years, no one can tell that it wasn’t made in the 1930s


fabulous work!

…someone was asking how to make this type of setting a ways back…recreating an antique deco emerald setting…I hope they see these “blow by blow” photos showing just how how this type of thing is done!

…i remember the questions was how to get the shaped top similar to the style you guys have created…

Thank you for sharing!


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