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Platinum Day Symposium VI


On March 27 the Platinum Day Symposium VI will be held at the
Fashion Institute of Technolgy in New York City. It is held in
conjunction with the MJSA EXPO and is sponsored by MJSA and
PLATINUM GUILD INTERNATIONAL. The event starts at 8:30 a.m and
continues till 5:00 p.m. Your $75.00 admission will get you a
fabulous technical program and a great buffet lunch. The program
is hosted by Jurgen Maerz of PGI. Innovations in Platinum
Technology is presented by Jurgen Maerz, Basic Platinum Torch
Casting, by Linus Drogs of AU Enterprises, Bench Tricks for the
Platinum Smith, by Kathrin Schoenke of Siegfried Becker
USA,Vacuum Pressure Casting Technique,by Roger Greene of Eisinger
Enterprises, Heat-Treatable Platinum for Jewelry,by Klaus Wiesner
of C.Hafner Co,Germany, Technical Aspects of Platinum Refining,
by Greg Normandeau of Imperial Smelting and Refining Co, Canada,
Platinum Casting Problems and Solutions, by Bob Romanoff of
Romanoff International Supply Co. Each year we feature a
designer, and we are pleased to present Judy Evanswho will speak
about The Evolution of Design. The day concludes with Patrick
Doran and Henry Barney as they bring in a Laser welder and
demonstrate on the big screen what this machine is capable of
with Laser Applications in Jewelry Making. To register, please
call MJSA at 1-800-444-MJSA. I am looking forward to see many
Orchiders at this event. Please come up to me and identify
yourself. I would love to meet you. See you on Saturday at FIT.
PGI also has a booth at the MJSA EXPO, come by and say hello, I
have many publications and hand-outs , including the very popular
CD for you. We will be at Booth# 807

Have a platinum day
Jurgen J. Maerz
Manager of Technical Education
JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler


I would like to give this a vote of confidence and encourage
anyone who can possibly go to go. The price is way below market
for the you’ll get. I went to a shorter version of
this out here in the Midwest US. Also in attendance were two
friends with 20 and 30 years experience, respectively, and both
work in platinum.

Jurgen’s remarks impressed at least one of them so, that she
went back and set up a second platinum-only bench as he suggests,
and bought some of the tools he suggests.

As a bonus, the presentations are very multimedia and modern,
entertaining and informative. Do find a way to go if you live
near by.