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Platinum Day Symposium IV

On Saturday, March 21, Platinum Guild International USA will
present the 4th annual Platinum Day Symposium in conjunction with
the MJSA Expo. The event will be held at the Fashion Institute of
Technology in New York City and begins at 9:00 am. Anthony Lent of
F.I.T. will speak about working and designing in platinum, John
Cullen of Johnson Matthey will explore factors effecting the
platinum market, Helmut Freye of Techform is addressing the power
of process control in casting Pt. Bob Grierson of Kerr will discuss
the development of platinum investment powders Michael Bondanza of
Michael Bondanza Design talkes about avoiding potential problems in
the fabricating of platinum, Steven Kretchmer of Steven Kretchmer
design, will talk about innovative new platinum alloys Greg Todd of
Stuller will be comparing platinum alloys in his paper. I will host
the event and introduce “The Platinum Expert”, a video for the
bench jeweler, showing the most common bench techniques for
working and repairing platinum jewelry. I will also be presenting a
paper on bi-metal casting, using rapid investment methods. The
Platinum Day Symposium is a must for anyone in the industry who is
working with platinum, or is planning to do so. To register, call
MJSA at (800)444-6572 For help with technical questions call the
Platinum Technical Hotline at (714)760 8882 Have a platinum day
Technical Education JA Certified Master Bench Jeweler