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Platinum casting investments

I’m buying an induction platinum casting machine (Indutherm MC-15)
and I have been doing a lot of research on platinum investments and I
haven’t been getting very far. Each supplier assures me that their
investment is the best. Does anyone have any experience that they
would be willing to share with me about the investments that they
have tried and what has worked (or not worked). I tried contacting a
local platinum caster here in Portland OR about this and his
response was “I spent years testing different investment and I would
be stupid to share any info with a potential competetor.” Although I
guess I can sort of understand his position I don’t personally agree
with it and I’m hoping someone out there has a more a
’community-spirit’ attitude.

Thank You,
-Paul Caruso -Caruso Jewelry

Eric, go here:

And also go to the link for “Powder and Water Requirements”. It’s all
there. I was at KerrLab earlier today, and then just saw your post
and thought, “Hmm, I just saw that…”