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Platinum caster

I was just wanting to let all of you fellow jewelers out there know
of a rare find to me here in Dallas. I have been searching for years
to find someone that can cast platinum for me. I have dealt with
many that have told me that they can do quality work, but to no
success have I found any. I stumbled upon a jeweler in the Dallas
area at B & B Craftsman that will be doing all of my platinum and
gold castings from now on. I have never seen a casting turn out as
good as the ones that he has been creating for me. He also has a CNC
mill that he is doing a design for me with some very intricate
designs that I would have never have been able to achieve by hand.
He is doing work for many other jewelers as far as Washington and New
York, so his name is out there, but wanted to let you all know about
the help and the headaches that he has saved me. I am going to pass on
his number so that he may be able to assist you with the troubles
that I have had to endure over the past several years. Contact Brent
Boling @ 972-661-2044 or his e-mail address is My only affiliations that I am a happy and
satisfied customer. Happy tooling


Hi Larry, We do it all: platinum casting, lapidary, inlay, heat
treating, professional photography, website development, and dealer
in all

We use a Yoshida platinum caster. It is a high frequency induction
melt in a vacuum with over pressure of nitrogen and centrifugal at
the same time. The result is castings that are usually 10-12%
heavier because of the denseness of the metal. The machine is
great also for those thin items that very few can cast.

We’ve done casting for J. Atencio and other respectable jewelers
across the country.

KashmirBlue services:

Ed Cleveland
Denver, CO

Donna, Dan Ballard at Precious Metals West, who frequently posts on
Orchid, says that THEY can do the casting for you. I tend to think
of them as primarily a precious metals dealer, and sometimes forget
that they do casting, in addition to custom alloys, etc. You can call
Dan at 213-689-4872.

David Barzilay
Lord of the Rings
607 S Hill St Ste 850
Los Angeles, CA 90014-1718