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Plating trick needed!

I have cast a rather large silver belt buckle . . . it is highly
engraved . . the ‘lands’ ( areas not engraved) are very close together
such that hand brushing a coating of finger nail polish could not be
done with any quality… I was trying to figure a way to coat an
’roller,etc’ with polish (whatever) and brush it across the buckle
with one or two ‘swipes’ such that the engraving would end up after
gold plating with some evenness to the ‘groves’ . . . . any
suggestions, tricks, or techniques… thanks.


Hi Jim, After engraving, can you plate the entire buckle and then
remove the unwanted plating with a super fine emery stick. It would
be very quick. Have fun. Tom Arnold

Thanks for the idea but have decided to use a ‘wite Out’ by Bic … it
has a foam rubber brush which I hope will be firm enough to hold shape
when I slowly cove the surface with the wite out liquid… while
keeping the bush relatively dry …I hope the brush will just 'glide
over the engraving!!!


Jim I used to use white out.Now I use a sharpie.It will block out any
area you do not want plated.It is hard to believe but it works great.
Regards J Morley Coyote Ridge