Plating quality in small workshop

Hoping to get opinions from jewelers with experience doing plating
in their own workshops.

I have commissioned professional plating companies like Red Sky in
the past, and the quality of the work they do is outstanding.

But I am doing it myself nowadays, and my question is about the
quality achievable in a small operation like mine.

If one is using cyanide based plating solutions and a good quality
rectifier, can one realize high quality plating results, or will it
be lacking somehow?

The full time professionals must have equipment such as tools to
measure plating thickness and other procedures that are beyond the
reach of a small operation.

Do many retail jewelers have and use their own plating setups? If
this is the case, the quality of the work must be pretty good.

Thanks to all the awesome people that take their time to help others

It is much appreciated.