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Plating machine blowing fuses daily

Michael, if the machine has started blowing fuses regularly it is an
indication that is it drawing more current. This could be from an
internal short (possibly including the power cord itself) or other
malfunction. You really don’t want to just pop in a larger fuse.
That is a bandaid fix for some kind of flaw in the machine’s parts
and it is one of the easiest ways around to start a fire that you
really don’t want to have. My advice is to unplug the machine and,
if you are brave and knowledgeable about wiring, carefully
disassemble the pieces as best you can to inspect the parts. I’m not
talking about a total disassembly but enough for you to see the
internal working parts. It may just need a good cleaning inside the
circuitry. A vacuum or air compressor may be all that is required to
clean things up. If you decide to poke around in there use a bamboo
skewer or something similar that is electrically non-conductive. An
accidental brush against a capacitor, with some conductive metal,
could cause it to discharge and provide an eye-opening electrical
shock. Very low entertainment potential there.

Another good idea would be to contact the manufacturer and tell them
all the pertinent info. There might be a simple fix they can do that
will keep you out of the guts of the machine. Personally, I’m a Mr.
Fixit type, but I also have an Associates degree in electronics so
I’m a bit less likely to shock my socks off. A factory fix may take
time and money but it’ll keep you safer and it may provide some type
of limited guarantee that the problem won’t occur again soon.

A machine that blows a lot of fuses is dangerous though and can be a
serious fire hazard. I’d get it cleaned/fixed instead of popping in
a larger fuse.