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Plating jewelry with hematite

Hello All,

How are you. Haha, my question come again. Why there is a coating on
the Hematite (setting) when we do IP plating while other stones are
not (e.g. agate). How could we avoid it or how to remove this film
of coating. Am I make myself clear?

Thanks & Best,

Hematite is a semiconductor. this means the stone becomes a cathode
(negatively charged) along with the jewellery and so attracts the
metallic anions as much as the work you are trying to plate. almost
all gemstones used are none conductive so carry no charge during
plating. there is no simple solution that I can think of. using a
masking medium could work but finding one that would not dissolve in
the plating solution would be the tricky bit. or setting after
plating and touching up with a pen plater?

Chris Boland

Might be a bit brutal but we ‘paint’ over peals with nail varnish
when plating as they too get a film which dulls them. Once you’re
done just remove it with acetone or nail varnish. Good luck!

Laura in sunny Brighton

Frank: Hematite is iron oxide. In fact, much of the material we have
in stock is magnetic. If you don’t want it to plate, you will have to
mask it.

Dikra Gem Inc.

I dont know for sure, but would theorize that as hematite is an iron
based and can be magnetic. it bonds to the solution as well.

Cheers from Yukon where spring may be coming soon.