Plating equipment was Laser Engraving of Jewelry

Thanks for the responses on my Laser question, I have responded off
line to the people who have offered sales Now I have a
second question about equipment for my mall repair kiosk. I am
looking for on rhodium plating equipment & methods that
are safe to use in a small repair shop for replating repairs on white
gold & silver. Anyone have a suggestions on books to learn from or
equipment to buy? I had noticed a 10 Amp system for sale by CasKer
Co. at what looked like a reasonable price. Thanks, Jim Revells Sudden
Service #5 Natick, MA

Jim, Try looking at a Rio Grande Catalog ( or online at their
website) They have a small plating system called Midas and just
about any plating solution you might need. They also have a book on
plating which would be helpful.

Tino Volpe Metallurgist, Technical Manager Tiffany & Co. 300 Maple
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