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Plating Equipment and Solutions

I have been out of the plating business for a few years now and I am
just getting started again.I would think that the rectifiers have not
changed much, but I need to find good plating solutions…When I was
plating only the CYANIDE solutions were the only ones available that
produced a quality product. In addition, I plan to get a pen-plater
and need help in selecting a good model. I would appreciate any
assistance on solutions and pen-platers.


Tom, I would recommend you look at the Rio Grande Tools & Equipment
catalog. Not only will you find the pen and small bath plating units,
you will also find the solutions to be used and a well written plating
guide for both. Contact Rio at 800-545-6566 and any of the helpful,
courteous Telephone Representatives will help you. If you need
further assistance, you can work with one of the Technical Sales
personnel. These individuals have experience in small bath as well as
pen plating and can assist you with any questions regarding the
rectifiers. You can also contact me as I can help further as well.
Good luck!



Good results are definitely being obtained with the cyanide-free
plating solutions on the market today.

Select a plater or rectifier that performs well at lower voltages
(it’s easier to control at lower voltages). Today’s cyanide-free
plating solutions work at much lower voltages than the cyanide based

As an example, there was a new rectifier demonstrated at the Tucson
show which was designed specifically to work at low voltages with the
cyanide-free plating solutions.



Try here - - I have used their
electroforming solutions and they work well - can even be shipped
through the mail. Click on the yellow car lower down on the page to
see their product line - includes pen plating, tank plating and
electroforming supplies as well as kits to plate car emblems etc.
including aluminium.

Hope this helps,

Cameron Speedie
Island Gem and Rock