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Plating copper on copper?

I solder my copper work with silver solder and am wanting to cover my
solder joints with copper plating. An iron nail in my pickle doesn’t
do the job. What experiences have you had with plating copper on
copper? Also, I may want to silver plate some of my copper chains.
How do you plate a chain? Does the gravity in a hanging chain give
enough contact from link to link to plate an entire chain

thanks in advance.

Your pickle may not be “used” enough. The longer you use pickle, the
more copper you see in the solution. We never throw old pickle out
because it is excellent for copper plating! Simply take your scrap
copper, anneal it and pickle it several times and you will have
enough copper in the solution to plate your silver sauter seams
beautifully. I keep my old blue pickle in a glass jar for this