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Plastic tumbling media

I am using a disc finishing tumbler, which I am very happy with. I
use a combination of plastic pyramids and cones. The problem that I
am finding is that when they are very new, they work very well. BUT
they get smooth so quickly and each time you run a cycle, without
even knowing , it is cutting less and less.

Does anybody know of a way you can keep the media from getting
smooth so quickly ? I was thinking of dipping them in something after
each cycle ? Thank you Mark

Mark: I use a vibratory tumbler and sometimes have the same problem.
I have used Bon Ami as a cleaning agent to deglaze the media. Of
course it has to be cleaned before using with jewelry again. I have
also used with good success some of the products sold at grocery
stores for removing lime. Plastic media works best with plenty of
fresh cleaning solution to prevent the media from glazing. Does the
disc finishing system use a flow through to run solution to
continually flush the media? If not that could be some of your

Ken Gastineau
Gastineau Studio
Berea, Kentucky

The media you are using probably has a softer or less abrasive
cutting agent. Because a disc finisher is very effective, you are
probably rounding the cutting agent. Or the carrier for the cutting
agent is too hard and does not wear down to expose more cutting

The Otec disc finisher that I used came with some appropriate
cutting media, both cones and pyramids. At the time, that media
worked well for many sessions. If you are using the suggested
media, I’d contact the company that makes your disc system and have
a discussion. It’s hard to imagine a cutting agent that would become
rounded unless you are finishing some very unusual metal.

Judy Hoch, G.G.