Plastic ring guards

Hello, All!

A while back, I had written looking for a source for crescent or half
circle plastic ring guards. A few kind folks replied with
suggestions, and a few replied to me directly via email.
Unfortunately, my PC died and took with it all my data - including

I was hoping that those who did reply to me directly might resend.

What I’m looking for is a batch of 10-20 mass produced flexible half
circle inserts, in varying widths. My fingers change size based on
weather and extreme climate changes (I live in New England) :o) and I
also have some old knuckle injuries that cause swelling.

I need them to be available via mail order, as I do not presently
drive, and live in a remote area.

I’m so sorry to be repeating myself, and browser problems have made
it difficult to check the Orchid archives. But I’m nearly positive
someone had replied to me directly with a mail order source. I have
checked around, and there a bunch of places that used to, but no
longer carry these. I have over 100 gemstone rings I’d like to start
wearing, and having them all resized would get quite pricey.

Thanks again for any suggestions,
-Mary Beth

Mary Beth, Try Walter Drake Company, or Lillian Vernon. (You can find
them on the web, I’m sure) I know they used to have them in their
mail order catalog. David Barzilay, Lord of the Rings