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Plastic Injection Mold Source


I am currently working on the manufacture of guitar string
bracelets, a charity project which you can view at
In conjunction with this project I need to do a lower end piece and
the design I have come up with includes silver colored base metal end

They are hollow tubes with one closed end. They also will have the
word “RELIX” in indented letters on the tube. These pieces are about
10 mm long with a diameter of about 5 mm on the outside, the inside
4.6mm. I need to have 2,000 of these produced ASAP, with a much
larger follow up order needed for March. I have spoken with many
people and companies that suggest Plastic Injections mold as the way
to go for these number. If anyone knows of a good company, I would
love the


Hannah Garrison
AZU, Inc


I hope you guitar strings are not like mine. Mine rust quite quickly
and then they die.

Hans Meevis

I don’t know of what you ask. I would suggest you explore white metal
casting, too - it’s fast and cheap. I don’t have a source - try
Google. I used to know someone, but it’s been so long now…
Anyway, another option that I do know is Gabe Sider at Sierra Pacific

They don’t do plastic injection molds, but they do long-run
production just like you want. You might enquire there, and I’m sure
Gabe can point you in some direction if nothing else…