Plash pendant


I make "one of a kind " pendants from customer’s sentimental old
gold. I haven’t heard of anyone doing it my way but I may be too
far out in the boonies to know better. Here goes: clean and
remove the stones- cut it up into varying size pieces with your
heavy side cutters- lay the pieces out to approximately the shape
and size your customer prefers (such as oval shaped and about 1"
long) I find it’s best when I tell them this will be a one time
shot and they get what ever happens and then I have the freedom
to arrange a “design” or “form” that pleases my eye. Next I use
the melting tip for my “little torch” oxy/acet. I keep the
soldering pick in my hand and heat with a soft brush type flame
over the general area of metal. You concentrate on a very small
area making the gold pliable but not melted to a ball so that it
retains something of it’s original shape and still fuses to the
piece next to it. I leave alot of negative space or holes as I
move until it is all connected. The main thing is to leave as
much texture and interest as possible. I pickle it hot then roll
it through the mill to make flat chunks that will be high
polished in contrast to the texture of the lower areas. I put a
bail on top or on back so that it won’t show and then set stones
if desired in a way that enhances the shape. sometimes i set them
directly in a hole and it looks like it formed that way
naturally. I also use low base heads to set birthstones for
instance. I have made them very popular in Springfield. They are
a very good money maker! If you managed to read this far-- I will
not be offended if I find out how elementary this idea is because
it makes my customers so happy to have THEIR gold and it is
practically all profit for me. Good luck and I hope this
helps. Patty in MO>