Plans for building a good extractor hood over a soldering area

I need to have a strong extractor hood built over the soldering
area in my classroom and over my workbench at home. The school
one needs to be quite big and have specs about the size of motor
and filters, etc. But the home one needs to be smaller and only
half stationary. I mean that I have a problem of not being able
to put any holes in the wall as its a rental apartment and
doesn’t allow that. But my work bench is beside a window and I
thought I could have the end pipe be put out the window during
soldering and polishing and then taking it in when finished. Or
is there any style which has a good enough filter that it can
clear the air without throwing it outside? Like the type in
some kitchens, are they safe enough?? Any ideas and plans for
these two needs?? Thanks a lot in advance! Sharron in sunny Saigon

Sharron, There are filters that can do what you want done, but
they start at $700 used. you need at least 200 cfm in my
experience for the bench. If you do make sure you get a HEPA
filter it will clean particles less than a micron, but will not
scrub the carbon monoxide. Maybe you could just make a board the
size of the window opening with an air flange and insulation
around the edges (it’s getting cold here),
then connect some dryer hose and an air fan? John