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Planning ahead show inventory

Dear Orchid members,

This year I’m taking a calculated risk by presenting my work at
higher caliber art shows. It’s a fairly big step up going from
smaller, local shows to more highly visible ones (a couple of them
are in Chicago), and I’m having trouble estimating the amount of
inventory to prepare.

In the past I have loosely expected to sell about 10 times the cost
of the booth, and then have brought enough pieces to cover beyond
that. This has worked well on a smaller scale with shows spread out,
but with a number of large shows back to back this summer I won’t
have time to spend in my studio to restock. I’m trying to plan ahead
now to avoid insanity later! Yes, estimates are just estimates, but
I wondered if anyone could give out helpful tips on how they prepare
for show inventory either directly through this forum or privately.

Thank you!
Jeni B