Placing international orders without tax number

Dear All,

Thank you so much for all your help and advice. I feel very blessed
to be part of a group that is so willing to help out newbies (gaining
nothing apparent from it). (I should really introduce myself, but I’m
a little embarrased, having already posted two questions without said
introduction). Which brings me to my next question. I actually don’t
live in the US, however, some of my supplies are ordered from there
to be sent internationally to me. Online stores like H & S only sell
to those with a tax number. I do pay US taxes, but really minimal.
How difficult is it to get a business tax number to purchase from
wholesale places, and is it worth it, if the business I do in the
States is minimal? actually now, non-existant, but I’m dreaming of an
online business. (dream on baby)

Thank you all, once again, Eve.