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Pixie Turquoise?

Does anybody remember any details about Pixie Turquoise? Pretty
greens. I think the mine was in Nevada or New Mexico. I sort of
remember there being some controversy about whether or not it could
even be called turquoise but I don’t remember how it resolved.

We have a few pieces that were passed on from my dad and I gave a
few rough nuggets to a friend, but when I tried to tell her a little
bit about the mine my mind went blank.

Thanks much! Laura

I have a stash of Pixie, also known as “sadie” ??? green. Put away in
1972 or so . My understanding is that where turqoise is blue from
the element copper , this is green from the element iron. There is
actually a different mineral name for it,and I believe that there is
a complete solid solution between the two elements, and my memory is
that the mine was in Nevada. I just saw some for sale at a booth at
the JCK show {agta} We have just delivered a piece set in silver
with a 3/4 ct diamond and inlayed opal [!]. Beautiful unique stuff.

Mark Clodius