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Pitch bowl ring pad


I am seeking recommendations on pitch bowl ring pads…

which do you prefer…rubber or leather?

I am currently using a wooden box pitch tray and sand bag.

I would now like to get a small 5" diameter cast iron ptich bowl, but am uncertain which ring pad would “work” the best…

Any advise would be greatly appreciated!

Best Regards,

you can buy the official leather ring from tool suppliers but you can also use heavy rubber or neoprene? rings like they use in industrial sewer pipe fittings. They might call them bushings and come in various sizes which might work for you.

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Hi Julie,

You can also go to the local hardware store and buy a solid rubber replacement wheel for a dolly or children’s wagon. They’re about 8" diameter, with a plastic hub. Knock the hub out, and you have a very nice little neoprene ring that works just fine for pitchbowls.


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It is easy to make a leather ring of any size to fit your bowl. Find an old 1.5" wide leather belt at a second hand store. A man’s thick western style belt would work. Cut off the buckle and wrap it into a multi layered ring. Glue the leather belt to itself as it makes each ring of the spiral until you have a ring with 3 or 4 belt thicknesses stacked together. Any leather glue will work. I use Barge Cement, but “hot” glue works too.


Thank you all for your advice, much appreciated! (sorry for the delay!)

I went with the rubber ring for now, but will try making a leather belt ring too!



I use a solid rubber lawnmower replacement tire its nearly 2" high, no hub to knock out and under $5 at Harbor Freight or Princess Auto


Hi Aurora,

Thanks for mentioning this! My small pitch bowl actually “bottoms out” onto the table surface, and thus wobbles in the rubber ring, rather than making uniform contact within the rubber ring.

I have arranged for an exchange, and am crossing my fingers that the one I originally received was just a “one off” problem…

If the replacement does the same thing, I may need to go this route,especially since you mention that it is 2" high, and/ or the leather belt solution…

2" should give me enough clearance on the bottom so that the bowl does not rest on the surface of the table, but instead rests completely within the rubber ring…

Thank goodness for creative minds!

Thank you,

I use an 8" square sandbag…love it…more control…quick turns for the bowl…got rid of the slippage problem occurring when using the ring.

options include:
Sand bag
Handbag from thrift store with sand zipped up in it (in a plastic bag)
Hot water bottle filled with sand.
Triangle in wood, a wooden frame in a triangle.
Hard rubber wheel from a wheel, a ring toss game ring
Roll of masking tape
Belt glued together as above
Round hole cut into the bench top.

Hello Charles,

Thanks so much for your advice! I am experimenting with my sandbag right now…trying to get the right amount of fill in it…will keep experimenting!