I am planning on approaching the organizers of a local Festival
to ask for permission to make a small run of etched festival
insignia, for re-sale. I plan on offering both brass and silver
etched pins etc,. Does anyone have experience in this area of
business procurement? and how does one price the items to ensure
a profit?

I know the organizers allowed use of their insignia two years
ago. The artist/maker then is not available now. They were
allowed free use of the design as well. Should I offer them a set
number of items for their purposes (at cost?),or for free? and
hold the rights to sell the rest for myself? Any hints on
marketing this kind of occasional item?

Thanks for any info here.


Yes, this work is inexpensively done overseas. I can make a mold and give
you plastic patterns, but for the same cost per unit, you can get finished
pieces from importers. Check in your area for promotional companies. It
usually takes about 3 months to get your pieces. Or… I can make one
piece for you that you can mold and duplicate yourself… I’m no longer
interested in competing in this market, it’s too close nowdays…

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