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Pink Topaz Discussion

There was a discussion of blue, Pink or other colors in topaz
being natural or not among my friends…Thought why not drag the
folks from archid in to the discussion:-)) I have some problem my
self for the topaz mined by us in Katlang mine ( pakistan, near the
district of Mardan) . I exported few Kgms to one of our distributor
in Virginia few months back. The Color is natural pink or orangish
, the problem is the color is lighter and some time lose it after
cutting as per the cutting he did of the few pieces of which few
lost color (though even after loosing color the pieces were much
better than white) . I was discussing this fact with one of my
friend, his point of view is the color should be enhanced rather
than lost? I don’t know.

Though there are some pieces which are comparatively darker. The
safest way for our distributor was to sell the light pink as white
and the comparatively darker as Champaign. I don’t know weather
playing safe was better strategy or not as per the marketing point
of view:-)))…there is another deposit recently being discovered
near Katlang and my father is since being working on the project
and see what comes out of it.

Any way input specially from people who have dealt with topaz from
Pakistan/Afghanistan, of this subject willbe highly appreciated. I
will be soon posting the pictures on 24 caret net work of the
Topaz and its mine in few weeks from Pakistan and hope you will
have some more insight of the nature of color, etc… With Best
Wishes to you all

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