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Pink tint on soldered gold

Now and then a delicate piece of gold (chain, bracelet, etc.) will
have a pinkish tint to it after soldering and pickeling. Sometimes
coating it with a boric acid solution and heating it to almost
annealed and then dropping it into the pickle will remove the tint.
But when it doesn’t, how do I remove it without buffing since some
delicate pieces can be buffed.

Best Regards,

Randall Brooks

Try Tarnex. It is a tarnish remover and sometimes this will take
most discoloration out of a piece. Try turning your oxygen down when
soldering to keep the temperature of your piece down.

If you keep a thin coat of boric acid on your gold pieces while
soldering they will stay bright. Also using Batterns flux instead of
Handy flux will help, especially with nickel white gold alloys.

Steven Brixner - Jewelry Designer - San Diego CA USA

Hi! Try adding peroxide to your pickle pot…just a dash will
usually get rid of any copper plating…