Pineapple gallery wire

I have a customer who would like a 14k bangle with pineapples and her
children’s name on it. What would any of you conceive to be the best
way to do this? Any advise is appreciated, Thanks!

Cindy Proctor

This is really a design rather than a technical issue.

Not a design issue at all! I was wondering if I could get advise on
whether to cast it, stamp it, etch it, and if anyone had ever made
gallery wire how did they do it.

Sorry, I misunderstood. I didn’t realize you were going to make a
bangle with a gallery and the gallery was to be pineapples.

I wouldn’t make my own gallery wire unless I expected to have a
really large production run. If so you can have custom rollers and
dies made.

I’d make a bunch of pineapplesstamped, cast, chased, whateverand then
build the gallery with them. Just like making a gallery for a ring or
brooch, but instead of tubes or wire for spacing you’ve got

Elliot Nesterman

I’m thinking - not seeing it, etch it into the metal, or make a die
and stamp it. I haven’t seen any gallery with pineapples in it in the
US or UK. rer