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Pin catches

I have been using The Nickle Universal Pin Catch from Rio Grande for
a few years now and over time I am not truly happy with the result.
Maybe 50/50 on the satisfaction-o-meter. I like selling pins but I
am not thrilled to sell a new pin because the original was lost “
someplace between the car and the restaurant.” While I can make some
very trouble freelatches people seem to want the “manufactured” look
of the Universal.

I am willing to believe that I am doing something wrong with the
installation of the catch but I can’t sus out what that might be.
Has anyonehad a similar experience with the product mentioned? Has
anyone found a better product to substitute?

Don Meixner

Hi Don,

Take a look at , they sell
vintage clasps, brooch pins, etc. while, also selling vintage

On the brooches that I repair, I use their items because they are
old and match the date and era of the brooch.

I am a very satisfied customer, the only draw back is the minimum
purchase is $20.00.

Veva Bailey