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Pierced earring comfort

Another thought on earrings - on several occasions I have bought
earrings that felt too heavy when I wore them. I switched them from
the original thin wires to a thicker gauge and was able to salvage
all but one pair.

If you think about it, many kidney and fish hook wires bear a strong
resemblance to cheese wires.

That last pair of earrings was recycled as two necklaces for gifts.

Donna Marie

Too true! Because of this, I always use heavier gauge ear wires. I
also use ear nuts with a wider diameter. After years of wearing
heavier earrings, my ear lobes don’t provide much support - and I want
my work to look good!


Donna Marie: interesting. I almost always change hooks to posts,
for similar reason (I have sort of floppy lobes, so often the added
’support’ and restricted movement of a post/backing system is more
comfortable–looks better, too. Nothing bothers me more than visibly
pulled/strained lobes. Incidently, we the flop-lobed NEED to try our
earrings on before puchase–it simply isn’t possible to know how the
pieces will sit/hang by just holding them up.). I’d never really
thought about a thicker post, but I guess this makes sense. Thanks
for the tip. --Andy