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Piece of art to show

I just realised I have some art to show!

Last spring a friend asked if I’d like to share her studio, which is
in an old school (ArtSpace in Maynard, Massachusetts). There’s a
long waiting list for space there, and town residents (which I’m
not) get first dibs, so I was thrilled and moved in not long after.
It’s a great space with huge windows.

Every year, they have a show, which everyone (I think the count is
near 70) is welcome to participate in. I participated and have
recently gotten photos taken of my piece.

My piece is titled “Three Fans for Sacred Harp Singing” and you can
view it here:

Individual photos of the fans are here:

Photos are by Dean Powell.

The fans are made from tin can metal, ornamented with steel wire.
The handle on the left fan (“Singing School”) is aluminum for
lightness; I wanted the fans to be functional. I used maple for the
wood on the other two. The handle of the fan on the far right
(“Parting Hand”) has chased and repoussed copper foil sandwiched
between two layers of wood. The design shows two hands at either
end, extended towards each other, and in the middle, two hands
clasped, surrounded by drapery. I don’t have a detail shot of the

Sacred Harp singing is an esoteric activity, so I prepared a
handout, which you can read here:

If the link is broken, you’ll have to cut and paste the address into
your browser.

Christine, who’s nuts about shape note singing, in Littleton,