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Picture of my latest piece

Oh, thank you all! I’'ll attach a picture of my latest piece - my
first beadweaving attempt! It turned out pretty good, if I do say so
myself. My mother in law had given my a load of glass and crystal,
not all of them marked. These rounds were marked “Indian Creek,” in a
sticky note on the bag, but in looking online, I couldn’t find them
in their website/bead section. (I was trying to estimate price per
bead so I could get a ‘For Sale’ price. Is there a way to tell if
they’re Swarovski vs Czech or German crystal? Or, how else could I
find an accurate price?

Again, thank you for such a warm welcome!

Inasmuch as the beads were gifted to you, anything you get will be
profit - so I’d quit worrying about it and either keep the bracelet
to wear yourself, or sell it for what you normally sell your
bracelets. If you are not comfortable with that, then perhaps you
can check with your mother-in-law as to whether the beads were
expensive or not and where she got them before she gave them to you.
Sorry I can’t give you any price points.